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Porto Jolly

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Antigua e Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda are two destinations that have an interesting history and a diverse culture. Here are just some of the top reasons that draw tourists to travel to Antigua & Barbuda: Antigua has beautiful white sand beaches, surrounded by crystal clear water and lush vegetation. This makes it one of the most preferred destinations for swimming. Moreover, there are also over 300 islands where visitors can go sailing. If you are interested in visiting sea turtles, you should visit the area around Puerto Morelos Island.

The beaches are sandy and beautiful and if you love white sandy beaches you will be in heaven on Antigua. There are numerous beaches in this destination and you can choose the one that suits your preference. The Antigua and Barbuda Tourist Office are very well equipped and can provide information about the best beaches in Antigua. There are beaches near the marina, with water sports such as speed boating, sail boating and jet skiing. There are also beaches close to restaurants, hotels, campsites and tourist centers, where you can enjoy a nice meal or have a romantic candlelit dinner on the beach.

The weather in the Caribbean region is quite unpredictable, particularly when it comes to the Antigua & Barbuda. It may be hot one day, but then the next day it may become cold. The best time to visit this destination is between May and December. The rainy season in the region is from January to February. So if you are thinking of an ideal Caribbean holiday, Antigua & Barbuda be must to visit. The weather here is pleasant all year round, with the only variation being the strong hurricane warning issued by the hurricane center every year.

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