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In Western Europe, there are Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Italy and Switzerland. Average climatic conditions throughout the year: Summer (June & July), High 15 C; Mid 4 C; Autumn (September & October), High 12 C; Winter (February & March), Low 6 C.

In Vienna, Austria, tourists can enjoy both the beauty of the surrounding scenery and the amazing Austria's amazing Alpine landscape. This picturesque country is made up of plateaus, mesas, hilly areas and beautiful mountain ranges. The Austria's summer and spring weather are spectacular, especially when tourists get out to the sunny areas in the country. However, the most famous time to travel to Austria is during summer and spring. Austria offers visitors the best combination of nice weather, fantastic attractions and inexpensive accommodations.

Traveling through Central Europe means arriving by road, either on a train or a plane, and taking a cab. Traveling by train is faster, but the cab drivers and their practices can be invasive. Another option is to take a bus or metro ride to your destination. When it comes to traveling within the continent, the best thing to do is to take advantage of the wide variety of modern and traditional warm hotels such as the magnificent and elegant Benzkirchen Palace, Schlossgarten Wachau, etc., situated in cities like Inn Austria, Wedding, Wachau, Salzburg, oven, Von Achtern, etc., as they are situated in the heart of Central Europe.

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