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Santa Maria

Capo Verde

The Best Places to Swim In The Sea at Cape Verde. You may think that swimming on an otherwise scenic island is easy. But then again, sometimes that's not the case. Cape Verde is actually a group of forty volcanic islands, some of which are actually have very powerful currents and spectacular cliffs.

Among the best beaches at Cape Verde, which is also known as Saint Peter's island, is the town of Maio. There are three great beaches in Maio, namely Boening, Famagusta, and Orile. All the beaches at Maio are sandy and clean, but they also have a beautiful scenic view like the mountain ash rising over the city of Cape Town. The beach at Boening is usually crowded, but there is a wonderful view from the beach, which you should definitely take advantage of. Famagusta is also a popular destination, particularly for those who want to participate in sailing.

If you are interested in surfing, then the ideal place for you would be Cape Town. Wind surfing in Cape Town is unique in that it is a sport that can be enjoyed throughout the year. The water temperature of the ocean is usually quite cool, making this an excellent place for beginners to learn how to surf. If you are interested in furthering your knowledge, then you can sign up for a surf charter so that you can experience the best waves and currents wherever you wish. This is a great holiday destination for those who love swimming, sailing, and surfing.

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