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The beautiful country of Czechia, the Czech Republic is a sparsely populated area situated between the Czech Sea and the North Sea. The most important language spoken in this country is Czech, which is also one of the largest Czechia speaking countries in Europe after the former Yugoslavia. The country shares its borders with several countries of Central Europe. The most commonly travelled routes across the country and at the beaches of Praha, Krasniewice, Funen and Sandzau.

The weather in Prague is sub-tropical and pleasant most of the year. Prague is however quite busy during summer, with tourists arriving in the hundreds to take advantage of the excellent weather. Crowds also gather at the numerous beach resorts where some of the finest beaches in Europe can be found. Summer sees the greatest arrivals of tourists from Northern Europe, mainly from Germany and Scandinavia and these people come to see popular beaches such as the Zloyer, Carchau and Sandzau. Winter is the coldest season in Prague and the winter months see fewer people visiting this fascinating city.

Holidaymakers planning to travel to Prague should plan their holiday properly and choose the right accommodation. The correct type of accommodation can make or break your holiday, so choosing the correct apartment or hotel room is crucial. One of the main attractions of visiting Prague is seeing the impressive Castle Hill. It's a seven storey-tower that dominates the city centre and is easily the most famous landmark in Prague. Most holiday makers start their trips to Prague by flying into the capital and finding accommodation at one of Prague's airport hotels or self catering apartments.

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