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Denmark is a country that is located in Northern Europe, directly in front of Germany. During January, the summer is at its peak season with the sun rising nearly 9 am everyday and is regarded as one of the most beautiful months in Denmark. The Danish people are known for their hospitality and are one of the friendliest populations in Europe. Traveling to Denmark during this time is very popular with tourists that come here for tourism.

Denmark has a diverse landscape with rolling hillsides, lakes, mountains, forests, open plains and sandy beaches. Many tourists come to Denmark during summer months for a respite from the heat and enjoy local food and drink. There are many tourist attractions in Denmark during the winter, including the popular "Oslo"," Copenhagen" and" Frederik's island". These are popular national holidays in Denmark where the locals take place and the tourists can take advantage of these special seasons. Traveling during winter months in Denmark is also a popular travel option in Denmark and a number of tourists like to travel by train to Denmark after their flights have been cancelled for some reason.

If you are looking for an alternative way of visiting Denmark, you can always choose to visit the southern part of Denmark, which is more southerly. The weather in this region is more balmy and is suitable for spending summer holidays. Summer in Danish is very hot and it begins in April and runs till September. There is snow in the mountains and in some parts of northern Jutland. The weather in northern Denmark is very pleasant and the summers are warm and fairly short.

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