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Gorny Sadovod




Despite what you may have seen in Borat, Kazakhstan is a fantastic destination for travellers to find. It has plenty of interesting attractions that appeal to a wide range of different interests. Here are several tips to keep safe and how to avoid common problems in Kazakhstan during your travels.

Kazakhstan has one of the most diverse climates in Central Asia; it enjoys hot summers and cold winters with a climate best suitable for farming. Despite this, the summer months in Kazakhstan are known for exceptionally hot weather and pollution, especially at airports and train stations. The weather in Kazakhstan tends to be hot in the evenings and cold in the mornings, particularly in spring and autumn. April, July and August are the months with the most rainfall and temperatures high enough to be bearable if you enjoy hiking and outdoor pursuits. Kazakhstan's geography also makes it vulnerable to severe weather and pollution - the main areas of the country that receive heavy rain are around the coast and in the north of the country, while the south-western and eastern areas suffer from hot dry weather.

The weather in Kazakhstan tends to change throughout the year with a generally mild south-westerly airflow during the cooler months. The same goes for the temperature: although it remains higher than in neighbouring countries, it is less extreme. The months of January, February and March are particularly wet and windy, with average temperatures hovering near or just below the freezing point. However, summer can become a problem: the average temperature rises to above 20 degrees Celsius during the month of July, but drops back to normal in September. The best time of the year to visit Kazakhstan for your holidays is between late winter and early spring, when the weather is relatively calm, and the beaches and national parks are extremely beautiful. The high level of tourism means that many tourists come to the country in the summer months, which means that flights to Astana are especially busy at this time.

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