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Johor Bahru


Malaysia is the smallest independent country in Southeast Asia and is bordered by China on all sides. The only exceptions to this dry and hot Malaysian weather are its mountainous and lowland regions. For instance, in peninsular Malaysia, places such as the Cameron Highlands seldom drop below the mid20 Cs (high 70s F) and remain around the low to mid 15 Cs during the summer months. Mountainous Malaysia, however, can experience cold spells and extreme temperatures of up to 50 C (depending on the height and altitude) throughout the year.

Regardless of the high or low temperatures experienced in the various regions of Malaysia, visitors to Malaysia will be able to find something to interest them, thanks to a wealth of travel destinations, including pearl beaches, coral reefs, historic cities, rich flora and fauna, as well as, of course, the vibrant tropical island sceneries. There are many activities and tours available in Sabah and Sarawak, Malaysia, which will appeal to a variety of travelers, from budget travel to luxury travel packages. While visitors may not be able to ski or snowboard in Malaysia due to strict limitations and regulations, they can still enjoy a wide array of water sports, like kayaking, rafting, diving, snorkeling, surfing, and jet skiing. Kayaks and other water-based vehicles can be hired in the many travel towns and cities in Malaysia, and travelers can take a trip on one of the great inflatable dinghies that abound.

Travelers can also visit Jimbaran Bay and Taman Negara to experience the traditional village life of Sarawak, Malaysia's capital, during early January and early February. Held each year during the dry months of January and February, the New Year Festival in Jimbaran Bay and the festival of Taman Negara, which is held in the middle of April, are another two festivals that travelers should definitely plan for when taking a trip to Malaysia. Other popular events include the Great Sarawak Festival held in early April, which is the largest religious event in Malaysia with millions of visitors expected to attend.

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