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Puerto Rico, commonly referred to as Puerto Rico, is a wonderful tourist destination that has much to offer by way of its beautiful beaches, warm climate and contrasting history. The history and culture of this island can be seen throughout its villages and small towns, where ancient Hispanic cultures are still practiced today. Puerto Rico, which is also commonly referred to as Puerto Rico, is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. There are many reasons why Puerto Rico is such a great vacation spot: its geography, the rich culture and history, its beaches, and its people.

With plenty of beaches, Puerto Rico offers something for every visitor. When planning a trip to Puerto Rico, it's important to check out its beaches to find that perfect spot for you, whether you enjoy water sports, sun, sand and surf, or more leisurely activities like hiking and horseback riding. The best time to go to Puerto Rico is in the spring, right before the hot summer months and after the slow, wet winter. This is when the weather is at its warmest and Puerto Rico's cuisine offers some of the best tasting foods on earth. Puerto Rico's climate makes it ideal for visiting all year round. Spring breakers flock to the sunny beaches in January and February, then head back to Puerto Rico in the summer for the same old thing: beaches, sun and surf.

Puerto Rico's weather also lends itself to tourism all year round. The island enjoys an almost tropical climate with cool breezes and warm, hot summers. This weather makes it ideal for visiting the beach areas and local towns. Puerto Rico's best time to go is in May, when the weather is the best (it's actually the month of May that many Puerto Rican's say is their favorite). Many tourists come to Puerto Rico during the fall for its amazing, glorious fall colors. However, Puerto Rico's weather can be changed for any given day.

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