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Il Cortecito

La Goleta

Punta Rucia

Repubblica Dominicana

The Dominican Republic has a great deal to offer tourists interested in tropical weather, sandy beaches, and Caribbean adventure. The ideal time to visit the Dominican Republic for tourism purposes is between March and May. The weather here is good and avoids the hurricane season, which includes heavy rain sometimes. With the end of the peak season, prices for hotel rooms and tours are lower and crowds are generally less.

Between late February and early May the Dominican Republic experiences a lengthy hurricane season. Travelers are encouraged to avoid the hurricane season if possible. Trips to the Dominican Republic during this time should be planned well in advance. In addition, no matter where you travel during the hurricane season keep in mind that the likelihood of hurricanes hitting the Dominican Republic anywhere in the year is low. However, hurricanes are still possible so it is important to be prepared for the possibility of rain or storms in advance.

The Dominican Republic's climate is considered moderate and is ideal for travel during all four seasons. However, the humid weather can get quite hot in the rainy season. There is a lack of vegetation along most of the coast, but this lack of vegetation does not inhibit the growth of tropical flowers and plants and makes the country's landscape unique and one of a kind.

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