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Villaggio Simson Bay

San Maarten

St Maarten is a beautiful part of the Caribbean Sea, located on the eastern coast of Martinique. It is composed of 2 independent countries, separated by its eastern French region, known as Saint-Martin, and it's southern Dutch section, known as Sint Maarten. This place is an ideal destination for all kinds of vacationers because of its wonderful beaches, beautiful resorts, secluded cays and lively nightlife. It is also popular for tourism because of its duty-free stores, casinos and bars that sell liquor and jewelry. Another interesting attraction here is the National Aquarium, which houses more than 400 marine creatures. Tourism is very popular in this place because of the availability of cheap flights and cheap hotels that are situated right on the beach.

St Maarten, also known as Saint Martin, is one of the most popular places in France. The island boasts of a beautiful white sand beach with turquoise blue water and it is very famous for its weather. Because of its warm climate year round, there's always something to do whether you head out to the beach or to the castle to watch the lovely sunset.

To make the best of your vacation in St Maarten, you can consider hiring a car or a travel agent, who can help you plan your vacation and even find you the perfect hotel to stay at. One of the best ways to see the island is to take a zip line ride above the water. A zip line ride allows you to get a bird's eye view of the island and it allows you to view its scenery because the zip line travels along the beaches, forests and along the beach's edge.

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