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Apart from all the other wonderful reasons to travel to Hungary, the most important reason is undoubtedly the great hospitality of the local people here. You'll be surprised by the way welcoming they really are to foreign tourists! Budapest is just one place in Hungary which resonates greatly with each tourist coming there. Whether you're a first time traveler or someone who has been visiting the country for quite some time, you will be left speechless by the hospitable people in Hungary.

For the best time and weather conditions when travelling through Hungary, it is best to travel between the months of May and September. This is the best time to go for a holiday in Hungary, as the weather conditions are mostly pleasant throughout the year. However, it is important to note that the weather conditions can fluctuate drastically, especially between winter and spring. If you want to go for skiing in spring, it's a good idea to book early as these sports are mostly only offered during the winter season. Hungary also has a large number of national parks, which is where tourists usually go to enjoy hiking and horse riding.

In the winter months, the weather in Hungary becomes a little bit chilly, but not cold enough to make tourists uncomfortable. Budapest, for example, remains a delightful city throughout the winter season, especially during February and January. Between these two months, many tourists also choose to spend their vacations at Miskata, where they can ski or have a picnic. Hungary has some of Europe's most beautiful scenery - in fact, there is so much to see and do in Hungary, no tourist ever gets bored!

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